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Stargaze Colour Changing LED Mirror - 95 x 70cm

Stargaze mirrors bring a beautiful, sophisticated focus to your bathroom - it features a kaleidoscope of colours changeable using the supplied remote control.
• IP44 suitable for zone 2 in bathrooms
• Can be hung either portrait or landscape
• Supplied with remote control unit to adjust colours - the colour wheel image shows the variety of colours you can select
• Safety film backed

95cm x 70cm x 5mm thick

"Beautiful, mood enhancing bathroom mirrors"

Don’t waste hours in front of the mirror… life hacks for a speedy beauty regime


Our Stargaze Colour Changing LED Mirror is a breath taking feature for any bathroom. We wouldn’t be surprised if you took your time to get ready in the mornings whilst enjoying the mesmerising colours of this luxury mirror. In fact, whatever the mirror, women have a habit of taking too long to get ready.

Unfortunately, women are constantly victim to criticism from their other halves for this weakness. But who can blame a girl for wanting to take her time to get ready at a leisurely pace in front of the bathroom mirror? If you’re reading this and instantly identify with the daily struggle of taking too long to get ready, then we’ve got some nifty time-saving tips for you.

1.     Lipstick problems

Avoid painstakingly lining your lips and filling them in perfectly with lipstick. We all know the struggle. Going over the liner and looking like you’ve turned into a duck, wiping it off and starting over, and repeating the process all over again. Avoid this struggle by switching to a lip gloss. A swipe of the stuff can instantly give you fuller lips and it can even be applied while you’re on the move!

2.     Eyelash trick

False lashes can be great when you’ve got hours to spare, but who’s got time for that in the mornings? Try this equally effective trick to lengthen your lashes: apply a layer of mascara, apply talc to the lashes, and then apply a second layer of mascara over the top. Works every time for thick, long lashes.

3.     The perfect flick

Eye liner flicks can be the bane of your life when you get one eye right and then can’t seem to get the other to match. Try marking the points where you want your flicks to end and then draw on the eye liner up to the points. This way you’re guaranteed two matching flicks.

4.     Forget the toner

Toners and moisturisers simply lead to time being wasted as you wait for your face to dry. Try using a face wash which will leave your skin cleansed and replenished and once washed off you can dry your face with a towel rather than waiting for your moisturiser/toner to dry for what seems like an age.

5.     Ditch the foundation

Foundation tends to be thick and difficult, taking time to blend evenly into the skin. Try a tinted moisturiser or simply a concealer and bronzer to save you time getting that flawless complexion.


So there we have it. Some beauty hacks to stop you spending hours getting ready in front of the mirror. But of course, if you have the time, then spend as long as you like because our mirrors really are stunning and deserve to be used for hours!

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